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At G-Force Karting we welcome all 4 stroke owner drivers

We are unable to run 2 stroke & gearbox karts


30 per kart


10 each - max 1 additional drivers per kart


1# Please be aware that other owner drivers on track maybe inexperienced and their karts can have different acceleration, handling & braking capabilities to your own. i.e. Cadets - Pro-karts etc. Please take this into account when on track with other karts.

2# When coming up behind a slower/inexperienced driver, RAISE your arm to let drivers behind you know of the slower kart ahead. Overtake giving enough space & in a safe overtaking place.

3# On occasions when we have a large group of owner drivers with a wide range of skill levels at the circuit we may divide sessions into novices and experienced levels. The decision of skill level is made by the circuit management. This is in the interests of safety and the enjoyment for all.

4# Do not leave or enter the pit area at speed. When coming into the pits, raise your arm before the top corner to indicate your intention to slow down prior to pit entry. When leaving the pits look right and ensure there is no traffic and a safe gap before accelerating on to the circuit.

5# When the pit marshal ends your session a "LAST LAP" board will be shown from the pits. You must return to the pits on that lap. If you dont see the board or warning flags you are probably driving to fast for your ability.

If all drivers respect these instructions we can all enjoy our karting in safety

Please always contact us prior to making the journey to us to check circuit availability.



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