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G-Force Karting is a 500m demanding, safe, undulating outdoor circuit

G-Force Karting Circuit Drawing

Circuit Guide

G-Force Karting, Turn 1 Turn 1. A fast physical right handed corner in dry conditions, a true tester of driver control, skill and patience in the damp/wet. A good exit from this corner and you will carry speed onto the main straight creating overtaking opportunities.
G-Force Karting, Turn 2 Turn 2. Picture taken looking back at Turn 2. If you have carried your speed through Turn 1 then Turn 2 is a simple right handed kink onto the main straight. If you didn't exit Turn 1 with speed then this is were you will start to lose out and be prepared to be overtaken on the straight. In damp/wet condition the kart can step out a little testing your skills and reactions.

The Main Straight. This is where you get up to some real speed. Overtaking is possible thanks to good corner exiting speed beforehand. In the middle of the straight you have a right handed kink heading towards the top corner (Turn 3). Stay on the racing line and you really feel the sensation of speed as you clip the apex. Then get ready for the legendary "G-Force Top Corner".

G-Force Karting, Turn 3 Turn 3. Legendary !! This corner has it all apart from the kitchen sink. From the flat out straightaway into a hairpin right, downhill, adverse cambered corner. This is one of the corners that can make or break your lap. There is no in between.... you either get it right or wrong. To really appreciate and respect Turn 3 you have to drive it yourself.
G-Force Karting, Turn 4 Turn 4. With speed carried from exiting the downhill Turn 3, you enter this left handed kink in a flash. Clip the apex but not the curb for the best line. In damp/wet conditions this corner catches many out. Enter too fast and you will understeer.
G-Force Karting, Turn 5 Turn 5. The second of the "make or break" corners. A sharp left hand hairpin bend that drives you insane. The biggest mistake made is entering too fast. Enter too slow and you will be taken by the chasing pack, Too fast.. you slide wide, lose momentum and your place. In damp/wet conditions Turn 5 is the most demanding corner...how to keep the kart pointing straight and when to get on the power for the exit is critical.
G-Force Karting, Turn 6 Turn 6. Don't be fooled by Turn 6. A good exit from Turn 5 is a must to carry speed through what seems like a never ending right handed bend. Get your line right to carry speed, have a good exit towards the start finish line and back into Turn 1. If you fail on Turn 6 then your speed is compromised into Turn 1 which lead to a poor Turn 2 and Main Straight. Getting this corner right can contribute to a great lap time.


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